Albania - Saranda and Ksamil

The area surrounding Saranda, of which Ksamil is a district, is an unspoiled space of pure and magnificent beauty, viewed by the Albanian government as a national treasure. Located in the extreme south of Albania, close to the ancient Illyrian-Roman port city of Butrint, currently being excavated and developed by teams of archaeologists from Cambridge University, the University of Chicago and the Universiteti i Tiranės, it is, without question, one of the most beautiful locations in southern Europe. Butrint, which is open to the public, is the largest and most  extensive archaeological project in Europe today. Not far from this region are the medieval mountain cities of  Gjirokaster, Berat,  and the exquisite resort city of Saranda. Land prices in this area are the most expensive in Albania, but as you can see from the below pictures the available property is the most beautiful as well. Our Albanian colleague has been in regular contact with the owners of the properties depicted below.